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We are a branding and advertising company based in the heart of Roanoke, VA, serving your business and creating the tools necessary for effectively connecting with your core audience.

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Our Premier Branding Company Services:

Nero Digital Design is an award-winning, full-service branding and advertising company offering a range of multidisciplinary services—all working together to build a unified foundation for your Brand.


Brand Strategy

The most important parts of communication take place without words, so what does your Brand communicate? As a premier branding company, We help uncover your brand foundation and build a cohesive, unified structure that creates trust and nurtures your core audience.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your Logo and Brand Identity are the face of your company and the first impression you leave on your audience. So, let’s make it impactful. We provide our clients a unified approach to their brand identity as a logo design company by implementing discovery, research, and an iterative design environment.

Web UX/UI Design & Development

We design and build strategic websites to attract and serve your ideal client. Whether you need a content-driven WordPress site or an e-commerce Shopify platform, we ensure your site is user-friendly using our web design services, optimized to meet your needs as a resource and sales tool.

Print & Digital Graphic Design

As a full-service branding and advertising company, graphic design services are at the heart of what we provide. Whether you need tradeshow graphics, print collateral such as brochures, business cards, and mailers, or digital design such as social media content, digital ads, and email, we provide distinguished solutions for your Brand.

Video Production & Strategy

Producing an awesome video doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a video strategy to drive leads, build brand awareness, and deliver a substantial return on investment. Our video production company is here to take your video marketing to the next level with our team of highly skilled producers, editors, 3D animators, and graphic animators.

Why Nero Digital Design Is NOT Your Average Branding Company

Tired of cookie-cutter branding that doesn’t match your vision? At Nero Digital Design, we’re here to bring the beauty back to your Brand.


Unified Solutions

We strive to create a truly end-to-end experience for our clients, leveraging our multidisciplinary skillset to help you connect with your target audience on a new level.


Collaborative Endeavors

We do what the average advertising company doesn’t: we listen. This allows us to understand your needs at a core level and create solutions that align with your goals.


Informed Perspectives

Our team conducts in-depth research into leading competitors and other key market factors to give us a well-rounded perspective on your niche industry.



Good branding should open doors. That’s why we focus on finding creative opportunities to set your brand apart from the pack.

Frequently asked questions

1 -

Do you offer other brand awareness and marketing services as a Brand Strategy Company?


Yes, we offer Social media management, email marketing, and content copywriting and creation services. Please check out our Social Media Management and Content Creation services page.

2 -

How long does it take from the start to the launch of a new website?


A content-driven site will normally take 6-8 weeks of copywriting, design, and development, while an E-commerce site will take 10-12 weeks, depending on the rounds of iterations, edits, and amount of content/products.

3 -

I need a new Logo and Website tomorrow. Can you help?


No, but we're happy to do our best to meet your needs. We are not on call, and our projects typically take 2-6 weeks to complete. Please book a free call with us here to see if we're the right fit for your business.

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