Beaver Dam Farms Web App

Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival offers two back-to-back weekends of over 500,000 sunflowers, handmade crafters, food vendors, live music and events throughout the week! Beaver Dam Farm has become the first and largest sunflower festival and vendor show on the East coast.


  • Web UX/UI Design & Development
  • Print & Digital Graphic Design


  • Web App

Our Execution

Beaver Dam Farm Sunflower Festival offers many valuable and fun experiences during the two weeks in October. We sought to create a web app that aids in discovering festival information that may seem overwhelming during a festival of this size. By visiting users can Discover weekday, weekend, and community activities. Find and Navigate the festival events using our map and learn about the history of Beaver Dam Farms.We created a fun and interactive functionality that allows users to find, identify and capture pictures of beneficial insects and sunflowers. Users could then upload their images directly from the app and enter to win prizes.The educational portion of the app allows users to learn about the Sunflower farming process and see all the fantastic educational photos and videos that Beaver Dam Farm has to share. Users can also take images of their experience in the sunflower field and submit their photos directly through the app.

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