Bringing Modern Wedding Video to Life

Done in Love Films Specializes in Wedding Videography. Their attention to detail and quality films needed to be showcased and brought to life through their new Branding Identity and Website.

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Building a brand and portfolio
to match their production quality.


Branding & Logo Design
Web UX/UI Design
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August, 2020

A new branding strategy for
a growing business.

Casey and Madison needed a fresh new branding strategy for their new business. The goal was to solidify a new visual identity and push out into the market place with a robust portfolio.

Done In LoveDone In Love

Evolving The Brand

The first step was to assess the pros and cons of the original Branding. What worked with the original brand, and how can we improve while evolving a new Branding Identity?


I start each branding & logo design project with a series of questions to better understand the client's needs. In Casey and Madison's case, I guided them through a series of questions relating directly to their business peers. Where do they draw inspiration? What are your peers doing that you would like to emulate?

Iterative Design

Once we established a baseline for their future brand's functionality, I began taking Casey and Madison through a series of visual iterations. Each round, we took a look at branding options and focused on style, functionality, and general aesthetic. Each round, we would iterate and work towards a better solution.


With the completion of our design iterations, we were ready to move on to view the branding as a whole. How would we translate this to an online and digital presence? Consistency is the key and making sure their brand would translate over to a UX/UI environment was the next step.

Branding & Logo Design
Visual Process

Web UX/UI Design

It was imperative to execute Done In Love's newly created branding identity on the web.

Done In Love
Done In Love

The Process

With each web project, I take my clients through a process to help discover the best course of action. Our process uses iterative design, first focusing on low fidelity wireframes and functionality, followed by high fidelity designs and development.

Site Map & UX Wireframes

Functionality and User Mapping

Mood Boards

Style and Aesthetic

UI Design

Final User Interface Design

Development & Launch

Our programmers working their magic

Done In Love
Done In Love

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