PsiloSterics NCE design approach, based on proprietary molecular scaffolds, provides a platform to tailor medicines to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Psilosterics strategy leverages significant advantages in the areas of patent and regulatory exclusivity. Psilosterics Next-Gen NCEs are novel and patentable, unlike naturally-occurring tryptamines. PsiloSterics exclusively owns all intellectual property rights associated with its proprietary NCE platform.

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Our Execution

We worked with Psilosterics to establish a digital presence along with a solidified Brand identity on this ground-breaking project. The goals are to create a landing page that targets Industry Leaders in the Psychedelic space to educate and promote the unique compounds, and developmental technology PsiloSterics offers. Brand awareness, presence, and lead generation are the short-term goals of the PsiloSterics landing page, so a landing page was the most efficient option in the start-up phase. We helped develop the Brand's complete ownership, visually, of this technology within the psychedelic pharmaceutical space. We also created a new way of representing technical molecular structures in a unique and creative aesthetic.

Psilosterics Print mockup
Psilosterics Website

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