The Beartaria Times

The Beartaria Times is a community-sourced media Company bringing value to those that are unified in safeguarding their morality and moving forward through their lives for greater prosperity.  The Beartaria Times has created unique resources for the Beartarian Community including and Community based native phone app, news and blog website, and a recently released quarterly magazine.

Nero Digital Design Studio


Print Design
Digital Design


Brand Identity
Branding Guide
Magazine Cover & Layout
App Aesthetic Guides

Our Execution

The Beartaria times approached us during start-up phase and wanted to create a Brand Identity to represent them as the trusted media company their Community had come to know. We worked with the Beartaria times to establish an Identity, Brand Guide, and assets to brand their website and community-based app. The Beartaria Times eventually expanded its offerings to a printed community-based quarterly magazine. Our role was to create and design the covers, layout, and template of the magazine.

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