The Regions New Auto Parts Connection

TPC | The Parts Connection is an up and coming parts store located in the Roanoke Area. They focus on providing quality automotive resources to trusted distributors in our region.

Nero Digital Design Studio

Creating a brand to match TPC's
visionary approach to the auto parts industry.


Branding & Logo Design


Social Media


October, 2020

Revising their previous
branding identity

The Brand was moving fast. Many things were already in place. The Parts Connection already had a storefront, and they needed a solidified brand to elevate their business into the market.

Nero Digital Design StudioNero Digital Design Studio

The Branding Process

The first step is always to assess the pros and cons of the original Branding. What worked with the original brand, and how can we improve while evolving a new Branding Identity?

Assessing the issues

I start each branding & logo design project with a series of questions to help better understand the client's needs. Their previous branding was on the cusp of being just right. The key was to thoughtfully transform into a logo reflective of the market's competitive professionalism.

Iterative Design

TPC's branding baseline was established, so I began taking TPC through a series of visual iterations. Each round, we took a look at branding options and focused on style, functionality, and general aesthetic. Each round, we would iterate and work towards a better solution.

Transformation and Execution

With the completion of our design iterations, we were ready to move on to view the branding as a whole. How would we translate this to their storefront and social media? Their sleek new look needed to carry over to the public and present as a trusted source for auto parts.

Branding & Logo Design
Visual Process

Typography & Color

I created a style guide alongside the final logo to help keep the brand consistent throughout the marketplace.

Nero Digital Design Studio

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