Building a Healthy New Brand

Tom Barnett centers his work around the health of body mind and soul and our rights under law. He offers a variety of educational and consultation services working towards the better health of his clients.

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Building a Brand and Identity focused on the education of mind body and soul.


Branding & Logo Design


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October, 2020

The Branding Process

“Many people want to change the world, and it’s as easy as changing how you think.  It has a greater effect than anything else and it’s accessible right now.  My work, and my foundation, are about teaching people how to do that.”

- Tom Barnett

Nero Digital Design Studio

Learning more about Tom

The first step was to learn a little more about Tom, what services he provides, and his visual preferences. I asked Tom a few in-depth questions with an overarching goal of learning how I could create a logo that encapsulates his brand.

Iterative Design

Once I learned a little more about Tom, I started brainstorming. Sketching and digital mockups are how I begin every branding and identity project. Once I finalize the forms, I create multiple mockups and present the logos in various applications and arrangements.

Transformation and Execution

Completing our design iterations, we were now ready to move on to view the branding as a whole. How would we translate this to Tom's social media and how would it present to his audience? There was quite a difficult decision for which logo would represent his brand, but in the end, we were able to establish an effective identity for Tom.

Branding & Logo Design
Visual Process

Typography & Color

A style guide was created alongside of the final logo to help keep the brand consistent throughout the marketplace.

Nero Digital Design Studio

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